Zen Bicycle Fabrication

Zen Bicycle Fabrication removes fabrication and adds an accelerator.
Our product management services that made us such a valuable part of getting your  idea to market are still available.  We can design, prototype and partner you with a US production facility that best fits your needs. 
Think of the possibilities..titanium, carbon, steel and aluminum from multiple US builders will all be within reach.
And you can have the confidence to know your product management team has worked in each area of the process, from design to delivery.

We are now in the process of making more US fabrication connections than ever.  If you are you a frame builder that has some extra capacity, let us know!  As a builders, we know what it takes to make your life simple by providing everything  you need to do what you do best...build great frames.

The Zen Bike Co frames will transitioned to other US builders. Check them out here   ZEN.BIKE